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Suffering from Back Pain ?

Lower back pain, along with difficulty in movement, can happen quite suddenly and may be caused by twisting, bending, or overstretching, as the force of any activity is passed down through the spine, even standing up or sitting down can be an issue. If you think about it the spine never rests, even breathing causes our thoracic spine to move. The head is actually 2 per cent of our body weight and therefore too much movement of either the head or the neck during exercise can create stress on the spine

Where back issues are concerned, lifestyle factors certainly need to be taken into consideration with postural defects being one of the main culprits. Many disabling conditions are directly related to incorrect movements be it lifting, walking, lying, bending or even sitting incorrectly. If a movement is incorrect it often involves more than one part of the spine and can pull the spine out of alignment.

The medical term for a stiff painful back is lumbago. A slipped disc is the colloquial term for a prolapsed intervertebral disc. This may involve the sciatica nerve owing to the displacement of the inner substance of the intervertebral disc, which may cause compression on adjacent nerves and ligaments, and could lead to loss of sensation throughout the nerve pathway. This nerve runs down the back of the thigh passing through the buttock.

How can reflexology help back pain?

Reflexology can be extremely beneficial for both chronic and acute pain as it increases emotional well-being and reduces stress, in fact chronic back pain can often cause stress which will lead to an increase in the pain level experienced. For that reason by reducing the stress levels, the symptoms of chronic back pain can also be reduced.

Conditions such as sciatica and arthritis would certainly benefit from fortnightly treatment sessions, however for complaints such as osteoporosis, and herniated discs, it would depend on the level of pain experienced by the sufferer, and the severity of the condition, which is something that would be discussed during the initial consultation.

Reflexology boosts the immune system as well as increasing circulation, both of which will help the healing process and speed up recovery, and can help to stop the original complaint from reoccurring.

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