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Suffering from Bowel Problems ?

Bowel Disorders
Any change in bowel habits should be checked out as a medical issue, and therefore if a client has not already done so I would insist on referring the client to their GP before commencing treatment.

Often a loose passage of faeces followed by constipation is referred to as irritable bowel syndrome; this complaint may have many causes e.g. diet, allergy to some particular food or the major cause of all stress. Bowel disorders are due to a build-up of waste materials that block and invade the human system, poor diet can make these products accumulate at an alarming rate so much so that the eliminating organs cannot deal with the excesses and this starts the clogging process resulting in ill-health.

Diverticular (Diverticulitis)
Caused by inflammation, small pouches often form at weak points causing lower abdominal pain followed by either diarrhoea or constipation.

Crohn’s Disease
Crohn’s disease can affect all age groups and any part of the digestive tract, irritation of the lining of the bowel which causes long-term inflammation may lead to anal abscesses and narrowing, or long-term issues.

So how can reflexology help?
Reflexology can help all of these disorders by ensuring that muscular activity is improved by increasing peristalsis when needed, and generally controlling the speed of passage of food and the rate of digestion. However, clients are encouraged to also take part in the healing process themselves by adopting a healthier lifestyle – when we think how the alimentary canal has to deal with some of the foods we eat often in excess we can see why there is such an increase in diseases of the bowel, it does not only have to contend with poor eating habits but also smoking, viruses, stress, and anxiety; the result being that the intestines are perpetually at a great disadvantage from the strains imposed on them.

Stress Relief