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Pain Management

The Kruchik Method: Mauricio Kruchik believes that reflexology is surprising, wise and simple, and as practitioners we are able to provide quick solutions to complex problems from the very first session, giving a glimmer of hope to patients who have tried everything but not always achieving long lasting results.

Reflexology in motion / weights By asking the client to use a weight or tennis ball whilst treating with reflexology techniques, combined with ice and lymphatic drainage, it is possible to aid recovery and increase movement.
Conditions helped: Tennis elbow, frozen shoulder and whiplash injury. By using reflexology, ice and movement it is possible to aid mobility and flexibility of the waist to facilitate exercise, and to also release pain in the knees.

Mauricio Kruchik states: every practitioner can say how many times they have faced challenging, intricate and painful pathologies. When conventional medicine fails to offer the patient a real solution to pain, the only option is to focus on the patient in a different way. In my case this leads to innovation and the trial of new and effective techniques, tailoring them according to the possibilities of the patient.

My own testimonial: I found squatting almost impossible however; as you will see from the photos below, after one treatment using reflexology, ice and movement I am able to do a full squat, simply amazing! I believe the results speak for themselves!!