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What is Reflexology ?

Every part of the body is involved with a complex nerve network with the brain being the control centre monitoring and co-ordinating every function. All the component parts need to be in balance; reflexology provides the means whereby the body can be synchronized to balance the timing of its engine.

Since all the systems of the body interrelate it only needs one area to be slightly out of balance to lead to disorders in other areas. These problems can often be observed to travel up and down a zone and even affect other parts of the body. How often does ill health fall into a category of what is known as the ‘vague symptom’: a feeling of general malaise is often felt with every part of the body aching, feeling irritable, not sleeping properly, picking at or eating too much food. When we feel this way we are often unsure as to whether to visit the doctor for fear of being labelled as neurotic, and it is only when symptoms continue or become chronic that we seek medical advice.

Reflexology is a gentle non-invasive therapy which helps to restore a person to a more tranquil temperament, improve their mental condition, and enable the person to cope better with life’s demands. It encourages a generally healthier body by facilitating the proper functioning of the circulatory system thus enabling the supply of nutrients and oxygen to reach all cells of the body.

If an area of the body is suffering from inflammation, tension or congestion the corresponding reflex points in the feet will be sensitive when pressure is applied. The body is able to remember injuries and operations just as we do therefore it is possible for a trained reflexologist to pick up not only current conditions but also past conditions that have been suppressed and resolved. Reflexes on the feet and hands can highlight any areas of weakness or vulnerability that may give rise to problems in the future.

Reflexology helps to give the body what it needs, this might be a reduction in the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, the menopause, or even assistance in losing weight, it is all about bringing balance, harmony, and a sense of well-being to the body.

Relaxation is the key to good health, and during a treatment many relaxation techniques are used. These techniques help release muscular tension to bring about a state of complete calmness. It is often said that reflexology is referred to as nature’s tranquillizer as it helps to alleviate many stress-related disorders, overall harmony and well-being are achieved, and stress responses are more under control.

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