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What is Reflexology ?

Whilst healing by touch is as old as mankind, zone therapy is a system discovered many years ago by an eminent American physician, William Fitzgerald. Dr Fitzgerald was a senior nose and throat surgeon at St Francis Hospital, Hartford, Connecticut for several years, and it was whilst he was here that he made his findings of zone therapy as it was called at that time, known to the medical world.
Fitzgerald developed this therapy, having observed whilst working that when applying pressure to certain points on the toes and hands,it actually caused a type of anaesthesia over a limited area, if applied firmly enough. This enabled him to perform minor operations on the nose and throat without the use of cocaine and other local analgesics. Fitzgerald stated ‘that when pain was relieved the condition that produced the pain was most generally relieved also’, this led to the ‘mapping out’ of these various areas and associated connections and also to the conditions influenced through them. He wrote that simply by clasping the hands firmly it proved effective for many conditions including nervousness, anxiety, and insomnia, and whilst clasping them for 10 minutes would help all pulmonary problems even the common cold, changing the clasp position from one hand to the other for 10 minutes each time would help to relieve many minor symptoms, and in some cases even more involved problems.

Dr William Fitzgerald was one of the most forward thinking of medical men who became a natural healer through the art of using a pressure therapy to benefit and heal the human body, and many colleagues who assisted him throughout those early years of discovering the art of zone therapy have gone on to elaborate these techniques.

Elizabeth Ann Riley was a remarkable teacher in zone therapy and it was Eunice Ingham a student of the Riley Chiropractic School who stated that the zone concept had become a powerful and important tool in the relief of many disorders, and that zone therapy had the ability to stimulate the body’s own natural healing process, and allow it to balance its own natural energies. A balanced energy flow should have no blockages.

Doreen Bayly was trained by Eunice Ingham in America and was responsible for bringing the therapy to Great Britain in 1966.

Regardless of what name we call this therapy zone therapy or simply reflexology there is no doubt it is an ever-expanding activity.

The Concept of Reflexology