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The Role of Reflexology in Stress

Reflexology is the most wonderful stress buster. By definition it is a science based upon the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet that correspond to all the internal organs of the body. Reflexology deals with internal energies if these become blocked due to stress factors, such as death of a loved one, marital breakdown, losing your job, moving house, monetary problems, and pressures at work or at home, all of which may create a block in the energy flow.
Reflexology may not be the first remedy a person thinks of, but it is the most natural non-invasive holistic therapy and is a means of relieving many of the stress-related symptoms and balancing the internal energies. With reflexology a person is more able to cope. There is general change in temperament and the person has more interest in all situations at home and work or in recreational pursuits. Energy levels improve. All the senses are more relaxed and there is less feeling of nervousness or panic. A more positive attitude follows, with less negative imagination and emotional sensitivity such as tearfulness. The hormones become balanced and the metabolic rate is stabilised as the thyroid function is facilitated. Even though this gland has its own internal control system, the hormone produced must be kept within narrow limits as the slightest disorder can easily upset their function.

Relaxation is the key to good health. A good well-balanced diet should also be maintained, with less of the addictive stimulants, like caffeine, or nicotine from smoking and comfort foods containing sugar, like chocolate, cakes and fizzy drinks. A gentle regular exercise programme should be upheld. Together these factors will combat stress. Relaxation can be anything that will release built-up tension and anxiety, from sport to whole-body relaxation like reflexology, which not only helps balance the mind and body but can generate energy as well.

Reflexology should be referred to as nature’s tranquillizer, as it helps to alleviate many stress-related disorders such as anger, anxiety, depression, hypertension, insomnia and irritability. Overall harmony and well-being are achieved and stress responses are more under control. People sleep naturally and more soundly, and wake up fresh, relaxed and full of energy, without the use of other aids. It is a very effective method of reducing and helping the prevention of disorders developing. It is also remarkably effective in alleviating many problems that people would normally go to their GP for. Clients should however realise that it usually takes a series of treatment sessions to bring about total relief. People who have reflexology develop a holistic approach because they become aware of the factors that cause the stress responses. This gives a much broader perspective when planning for any future stressful occasions that may arise.

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