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I found the six treatment sessions I had with Charmaine Clarke to be very beneficial as a complimentary treatment to assist with the managing of my secondary lymphoedema Charmaine was able to pin point the lymphatic pathways that could be assisted by gentle foot massage, thus helping to relieve the build up of fluids that present with Secondary Lymphoedema It was also very relaxing and, as stress doesn’t help when managing Secondary (or Primary) Lymphoedema, that was a positive factor to having the reflexology I would recommend having specialised reflexology drainage to other Lymphoedema patients as it is good to find a treatment that it both safe to have and also provides positive benefits I would also recommend Charmaine to other Lymphoedema patients as Charmaine’s extensive knowledge of reflexology meant I felt safe experiencing the treatment. I also found her approach and manner calming which added to the relaxing feeling both during and after the session
Gwen Williams 19.3.17

I’m pleased to tell you that I have done a pregnancy test last week and it was positive. Thank you so much for the passion and professionalism you have shown me whilst I have been seeing you.
Alice – Ely

Sorry to message you so early. It appears I might be pregnant. I did a test this morning and it came back positive! My temperatures kept rising and I got to 14DPO which is unusual for me so I thought I’d do one. I’ve recorded it on my chart. I’m so excited! Thank you so much for the past few months and for all your help and advice.
Sally – Ely
(This lady has PCOS – polycystic ovarian syndrome – she is so lovely and was a joy to treat, she always listened to any advice given, takes her supplements regularly, charts as suggested and throughout the past few months has never missed a treatment - weekly sessions) *

An extremely lovely ex fertility client of mine has given me permission to post the below, saying when I asked if I post on the closed Facebook Page for the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists: ‘Yes but share it on your business page also. I tried to plug you, but they don’t really do that. Happy to promote and sing your praises xx’ Article
Laura – Thetford

Charmaine is a wonderful therapist who I have known for a few years now, she really takes time to get to know her clients and their needs, explains everything thoroughly and offers advice. Although I live in Lancashire at the moment and have sought therapies there, they just didn't offer the same level of care as Charmaine, so now I always make sure I schedule in a treatment with Charmaine when I am back in Suffolk!!
Hannah Bury St Edmunds

Amazing treatment. No fluid retention whatsoever. All definition back & slim. Totally unrecognisable same feet! I am so thrilled thks to yr skill. Quite incredible.
S. Broom Bury St Edmunds

Hi hunny, hope ur keeping well and busy, just to let you know I'm 10 weeks pregnant and all is great, xx thanks for all you did on this very long road for us xxx Fertility clients
Bury St Edmunds clients

Charmaine, just wanted to get in touch to thank you for your help with my fertility reflexology & all the advice on supplements to take alongside our IVF- we had our 'little' boy 4 weeks ago tomorrow, he was a hefty 9lb 6oz & is simply amazing! I'm loving being a mum, it's what I was born to do! Xx
Newmarket client

Thank you so much for yesterday, such a lovely, relaxing and eye-opening experience. Reiki session
Self Centre client

Charmaine was a godsend!
After two early losses she not only helped me regulate my cycles, she also helped me deal with my anxiety and my grieving process. Happy to say that after a few sessions with her, I'm now almost 13 weeks pregnant again! I still see her regularly to help me deal with the anxieties of being pregnant after a loss, she's a calming presence in my world!
Definitely worth every penny and what's best is, if she honestly feels your fertility problems go beyond the scope of reflexology, she will point you in the right direction and recommend some excellent fertility specialists, rather than string you along.
Thoroughly recommend for anyone needing just that little extra help conceiving naturally
M.H Ely client

Unsolicited Testimonial - Reflexology in Old Age
As a 83 year old Male I can assure anyone that the benefits of regular sessions of Reflexology are beyond belief! You are so relaxed, You sleep at night, waking next day refreshed and ready to tackle those jobs you have put off for weeks, Pains go away, Your body feels so much younger, and you are so alert, it drains all unwanted fluids from the body leaving you in great condition, to live your life to the full, Try it and you will soon see the difference in how you face life every day.
E Coleman. OAP.

A friend recommended Charmaine to me as I was struggling with raging hormones, moods swings and night sweats, I was willing to try anything to relieve my symptoms. The doctor had told me I was menopausal. I couldn't believe that after just two treatments with Charmaine I could begin to feel so much better, we discussed how I was feeling and then Charmaine got to work - it was amazing! My energy levels came back to normal, my night sweats have almost gone (just one every now and then) and I soon begun to feel like my old self. I'm now on a maintenance program which is working great and keeping me balanced. I have recommended Charmaine to lots of friends, her knowledge and experience is incredible. I always look forward to my treatments with her.
A B Bury St Edmunds

Charmaine Clarke is a truly remarkable reflexologist, who treated my wife following a stroke, this made a vast difference to my wife’s ability to start to walk again. Since that time she has treated myself for various complaints, too many to mention here. I find it very relaxing and extremely beneficial to my general health, I believe I have benefited greatly from the treatments. I can recommend it to one and all, It is certainly not expensive either for the benefits gained.
Eric Coleman Ely

'I saw Charmaine at Ely complementary Clinic between June and Oct 2012 as I was going through IVF at the Bourn Clinic. I am now 33 weeks pregnant and doing fine. The baby is breach at the moment, although it was head down before and so I hope it will change position again at the right time. Due to some unexpected expenses I can no longer afford to continue with maternity reflexology however, I would like to thank Charmaine for every minute she spent treating me. I do believe that the reproflexology played a significant role in my successful fertility treatment. Charmaine also helped me to relax and treated my anxiety.
I would like to thank Charmaine so very very much for all her help and will recommend her to every woman seeking similar help. I do hope I will meet her again at some point in my life
Kasia, Ely

I turned to reflexology a few years ago for help with a long standing chronic pain condition and a bowel disorder; I was keen to find a drug free method of controlling flare-ups in addition to aiding general relaxation. I have been a regular client of Charmaine’s for many months and found her professional, highly skilled and very knowledgeable in her field. Her techniques are gentle yet highly effective. I come away from each session very relaxed and feel better able to cope with the more difficult days. The key for me is regular treatments and my sessions with Charmaine have led me to an overall improvement in my well being.
JH, Ely Client

After 8 years of trying to conceive we started seeing Charmaine before we started our last round of IVF which I found really helped relax me during treatment. Sadly this ended in an ectopic pregnancy which was just one of those things and meant I had to have a tube removed and was told I wouldn't be able to get pregnant without IVF.
Charmaine is very knowledgeable in all things fertility especially around auto immune issues (which I discovered I suffer with) and suggested I tried baby aspirin and she continued to treat me ... The first month on baby aspirin I conceived NATURALLY!! Charmaine treated me throughout my pregnancy which helped me relax and her knowledge was a real comfort and help to me in what was naturally a stressful time after such a long time waiting for our little baby!!! Today our little man is growing strong and looking forward to seeing Charmaine for his first baby reflexology treatment. Thank you Charmaine you are a real blessing and so good at what you do.
Mrs M G Norwich

I started seeing Charmaine at the Ely Complementary Clinic for fertility reflexology after I had my second miscarriage, not only did it help me to relax but Charmaine also worked to bring my menstrual cycle back in balance. Within a few months I fell pregnant again and continuing with the treatments has helped me cope with the various pregnancy ailments, such as neck and shoulder pain. I have found these treatments to be extremely beneficial throughout my pregnancy and I have also appreciated the very valuable advice given by Charmaine over the past 9 months, she has provided me with interesting and useful reading material during this time. Seeing Charmaine on a weekly basis over the past months has helped me not only to feel much more relaxed but to be able to finally enjoy this pregnancy.
Sandy, Ely

I have suffered from Endometriosis for the past 8 years, it causes me to have lower back pain and menstrual cramps everyday of the month, It also causes me to bleed for abnormally long periods of time often as long as 15 days.
I have tried everything medically under the sun to treat my disease. The only thing that has helped is a laparoscopy to remove the diseased tissue every 2-4 years. It was coming to the time to have it done again when by chance I met Charmaine. I heard her talking about her work with reflexology and how she specialises in working on women with reproductive disorders and so I took her card and decided to call her.
After only 3 treatments I had the first 7 day period I had since I was sixteen. I went from pain everyday to just on the first day of my period. It has been 3 months now and I'm pain free with regular normal periods. I am so glad I called her, she has changed my life for the better; why not give her a chance to help change yours.
Jenna, Stetchworth

Charmaine has been visiting me for several months now.
I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and have experienced symptoms throughout my teenage years and now into my twenties. These symptoms include very irregular periods, an-ovulation, depression and extreme anxiety.
The first day Charmaine came to see me I was experiencing possibly the most stressful time of my life. I was wired, anxious, shaking and felt sick with fear. She touched my feet, either side of my heels, and I instantly felt a rush of calm come over me - I even burst into spontaneous laughter! I felt a wave of comfort, tingles and total relaxation sweep my body - the calmest and most secure I have felt in literally years. She then began conscientiously and meticulously worked to stimulate my reproductive system. During this I could feel tingles, dull aches and twitches in my pelvis.
I have seen Charmaine every three weeks since. I now, for the first time in my life, have regular periods - a cycle of exactly 35 days. I also have no anxiety, I sleep better, I am generally much much happier in myself.
I can not recommend her highly enough. She is Methodical, understanding, non-judgemental and passionate about her work. I tell everyone about her.
C, Newmarket

I have been seeing Charmaine for three months now, as I was really struggling to cope with Pre-menstrual and anxiety symptoms, and also irritable bowel syndrome, (especially the low mood, irritability, stomach cramps and headaches I was experiencing) and found them quite debilitating. I have found that reflexology has really helped ease these symptoms and make me feel ‘normal’ again, and my fiancé and family have noticed a change in me! Although I am naturally quite an anxious person, I find the reflexology treatments extremely relaxing (I usually drift off to sleep!) and I feel calm for hours afterwards. From the very first appointment Charmaine has put me at ease, and she has a very gentle and caring nature. Charmaine has been able to explain why I have been experiencing these symptoms and given me a better understanding of how the hormones work, and also how conditions such as anxiety and IBS relate to each other. I would thoroughly recommend anyone who is experiencing these conditions to try a reflexology treatment with Charmaine, I’m so glad I did!
Hannah, Bury St Edmunds

I am a senior midwife in Cambridge and I met Charmaine when I was 10 weeks pregnant and suffering with very bad “morning” sickness; through several of her treatments she helped ease it and I felt better. I have seen her all the way through my pregnancy now and I find that I have less oedema in my legs and feet compared to some of my other pregnant friends. Charmaine also helped me with other discomforts of pregnancy like back pain, sciatica and constipation that were greatly alleviated after some reflexology sessions. Overall I feel that Charmaine is a loving and caring professional with whom I feel valued and taken care of and that has great knowledge and understanding of pregnancy. I would happily recommend her to any pregnant woman that needs some extra help through her pregnancy and after.
V, Cambridge

I sadly lost a baby last October 2010, and spoke to Charmaine about how I was feeling in the weeks afterwards, I had already been for a Reflexology session for relaxation as a treat for my birthday, and Charmaine suggested a course of Hormonal Re-balancing Reflexology to me.
I wasn't too sure to begin with, but thought anything is worth a try. I had 6/8 sessions on a weekly basis, and found it to be very relaxing, and stress relieving while going through a very emotional time. I fell pregnant 4 months after losing the first baby and so far (18 weeks) pregnancy is going well. I felt healthy, revitalized, and less overwhelmed about everything, not quite sure what exactly is involved by the process that Charmaine goes through, but can easily say it was successful. Charmaine is well educated in the procedures and treatments she offers, which all take place in a quiet, relaxed environment, and I would recommend anyone to book with her, it can't hurt to 'give it go', !!!
Karen, Newmarket

I approached Charmaine 2 months ago as I was suffering with blocked sinuses which was causing headaches whilst I was taking medication on a daily basis it was not helping, I was also extremely stressed owing to personal issues and had a problem sleeping I decided to try reflexology as a last resort. Since having regular treatments I no longer have to resort to taking medication and am feeling much more relaxed, I also find I am sleeping a lot better and therefore feeling much more refreshed as a result. Charmaine is a friendly, caring and competent therapist.
Mrs GR East Harling

I’m a runner both cross country and road running, I was recently diagnosed with knee ligament damage, having an injury of any kind is never good for a runner but unfortunately it goes with the territory as the constant pounding of the roads puts considerable stress on the joints. I heard of Charmaine through a work colleague and as the only advice my GP could give me at the time was rest I decided to contact her and see if there was anything that could be done to ease the pain and discomfort and get me back training again as soon as possible. It was decided I should have weekly reflexology sessions to begin with incorporating massage using selected essential oils. Within 3 weeks I was able to start gentle training and within 6 weeks was back to competing in races. I would certainly recommend Charmaine she is a competent therapist and will always do her upmost to help you
Paul, Newmarket